What does an IT Services Company Do?

In today’s business environment, hiring an IT support company could be one of the best things you can do for your business. These IT companies offer a wide range of services so you can procure the services you need for your clients. So, what does an IT company exactly do?

An IT company does a variety of things that range from providing you with expert guidance on your workplace’s IT system to troubleshooting problems. Today’s GAT blog will go further in-depth about all of the services an IT company provides.

What is an IT Service Company? IT Services Dubai

IT services companies essentially offer support for Information Technology which includes computers, mobile devices, servers, software, telecommunications, cloud services, and website support. IT support can be an important addition to a small or medium enterprise whose business is growing, meaning they are using much more complex technology, but are not able to justify the expenses for employing an in-house IT team.

IT service teams are highly specialized experts with each member having his or her own unique skills and areas of expertise. A good IT team, therefore, can offer a large selection of IT support services covering all your unique IT demands.


IT Services Dubai


What Services Do IT Support Companies Offer? IT Services Dubai


IT companies play a significant role in the installation, setup, and management of company-wide networks, which are a critical and vital part of most business operations i.e. call centers, private sectors, universities, and offices. A well-designed network provides secure access to company data from all authorized workstations, leading to much higher efficiency levels. IT managed services monitor the computer network remotely to ensure it’s operational and optimize the network efficiency and uptime. They also implement network security protocols to help defend your system against spyware, viruses, and hackers.


An IT service company will also have an expansive knowledge of software and hardware applications. They manage critical security features, software updates, and all necessary patches for your company’s workstations.

What to look for in an IT service company?  

Some key things to consider:

Location – Although a lot of IT support can be carried out remotely, there may be emergencies where you require an engineer onsite. This is much easier if they are local to you, especially in Dubai, to instate a quick response.

Diverse skillset – One of the benefits of outsourced IT support is the large pool of skills they offer.

Security – As cybersecurity is key to a successful business, your support service must take cybersecurity seriously, offering constant testing, monitoring, and updating.

Backups – Data security is an important aspect of IT support and therefore an efficient support supplier will offer daily or weekly data backups as well as a robust data recovery system.

Helpdesk support – Helpdesk support is more than someone at the end of the phone when you call (although this can be a valuable tool). It is, in fact, a sophisticated and efficient piece of software that keeps all tickets logged so a service history can be created for each device further speeding up response times.

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