Server Room Setup

A server room is critical to the operations of every organization. This room contains all the data and is essential to ensure the smooth functioning of all systems around the office. That is why server room setup is crucial. You should enlist the help of a professional partner to assist you with setting up your server room.

A server room setup is not only arranging wires and designing the interior but the process includes unfolding the potential of your organization by streamlining daily operations. Setting up a server room requires keen attention to detail and expertise. Since setup includes the installation of different components, you will need a trusted partner who understands the intricacy of operations and can set up servers for optimum performance.

At Golden Avenue, we have years of experience in setting up server rooms. Our technicians and engineers can identify critical components and design them to ensure maximized performance. Our team will first understand your requirements and devise a plan to tackle all roadblocks. We are ready for all unforeseeable circumstances. We ensure that no amount of problems can affect your servers. We offer complete solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. We not only assist in setup but also configuration of active directory services and management of servers as well. Thus, if you require professional help to upgrade your servers, our team will be there to help.

With our exceptional server room setup support, you will be able to transition seamlessly and ensure the smooth functioning of all your operations. Our team will use components according to your requirements and will configure them with remote management settings. Thus, even when you are not physically present on the server, you can control the essential functions. Our team will provide a convenient and manageable solution that will boost the productivity of your organization and maximize your revenue.

At Golden Avenue, we offer comprehensive service to our clients, and our server room setup includes the following:


Our company pays special attention to the quality of the hardware. We only offer the best equipment to our clients that includes brands such as Dell, Lenovo & HP. Thus, everything from cables to core hardware will be of the highest quality. Our engineers will consider your requirements and will suggest the best configuration depending on your needs. With our server room setup support, you will only have to list your requirements, and we will take care of everything else. We have a variety of equipment to offer. Thus, you can choose the components and accessories from the best brands when setting up a server room in your organization.


Once you have shared your requirements, our engineers will present you with the best equipment. After every component is decided we move on to the implementation of the server room setup. Our experienced technicians will install the components optimally to ensure the best output from your server room. The installation will be according to your schedule. Thus, you can let us know about your availability, and our team will visit the site to install your selected components. Our engineers will design your server room according to your custom needs and deliver results that match your expectations. After the installation, our team will explain the functions to your admins, allowing you to make the most of your server room.

Timely Maintenance and Complete Support

Our services are not just limited to server room setup. We offer timely maintenance of your server room as well. Thus, if you face any troubles with your servers, our team will adjust them to make them ideal for your operations. We also offer period maintenance of the servers to ensure proper functioning. Thus, your servers and other components will be updated regularly to provide maximum functionality. You can choose from our range of maintenance plans to help you keep your server room in top condition. We can also assist you in upgrading and managing your existing system. So, if you are looking for a trusted partner who can assist you with upgrades, Golden Avenue will be an ideal choice.

Server room setup is not a small task. Since you will be investing a considerable amount of funds and time in your servers, you should choose a reliable partner for your needs. At Golden Avenue, we have assisted several clients over the years. Our years of experience and team of experts allow us to provide exceptional support. Discuss your specific requirements with our team of experts by contacting us at +971 4 266 8272.

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