IT AMC Service In Dubai

Management and maintenance of IT systems is an integral part of every organization. Impeccable maintenance and management will not only ensure smooth functioning, but will also increase the life of equipment and systems.

Thus, maintaining your IT systems should be a priority. However, the process of maintenance can be tiresome and time-consuming. That is why many companies offer IT AMC services in Dubai. This contract is one of the best ways to ensure your system receives proper and on-time maintenance. The Annual Maintenance Contract is primarily for one year, but you can extend it for up to 3 or 5 years based on your needs.

The AMC will take the maintenance burden off your head. However, choosing the right partner is crucial to avail maximum benefit of this contract. At Golden Avenue, we offer a range of IT services to our clients. Our team of experts has been installing and managing IT systems for years. We have established ourselves as the top IT AMC service in Dubai. With us, you will receive advanced and more customized services. We focus on every component of your IT system, and continuous upgrades allow you to maximize your efficiency and productivity.

We help you maintain your systems so you can focus on managing the core elements of your business. With our period IT management, you will have access to a speedier channel for smooth communication. We will help you maintain consistency between all your networks and infrastructure allowing you to fine-tune your technology and upgrade it where needed. Since IT departments directly impact the speed and functions of all other departments, creating harmony will unlock the potential of your firm and scale it without any hiccups. Our IT AMC services in Dubai include proper and timely maintenance of your IT infrastructure and all the components within. Some notable AMC services included in our contract are :

  • SAN storage
  • Antivirus and malware
  • Desktop support (both Windows and Mac)
  • Servers and attached storage
  • Telephone system (PBX and PABX)
  • System management check
  • Data restore
  • Email security and management
  • Server backup
  • Disk clean
  • Maintenance of Telephone Equipment

With the AMC contract, our clients can schedule the maintenance weekly, monthly, and quarterly. You can contact our team via email or telephone and can schedule the visit at the most suitable time for you. Our maintenance and management services are swift. They don’t halt your essential operations. You will also receive an in-depth report of each visit, allowing you to review the changes our team suggests. When you sign up for our IT AMC services in Dubai, we will devise a maintenance plan according to your needs and schedule. We will visit the site and understand your IT infrastructure and its needs before developing a maintenance plan.

We have access to the latest technology and solutions, which allow us to perform quick and more effective maintenance. We can even identify which of your systems are lagging and affecting your performance. With the suggestions of our qualified technicians, you can determine the weak areas of your IT network and update them to maximize your performance. Our AMC services are not only limited to set visits, if you face any trouble with your system, you can also contact our experienced support team to resolve it. They can either guide you to solve the issue via call or visit the site if the problem persists. With our extensive services, your IT infrastructure will stay updated. Thus, you will get to enjoy maximum speed and efficiency from a well-maintained IT system.

With our IT AMC services in Dubai, you will get a partner who supports you throughout your daily operations with our flexible as well as fluent thinking. We will be your remote support team who is always there when you run into any trouble. From updating your IT systems to assisting you with increasing its longevity, we have got you covered. You will receive the following support and services within our AMC contract:

  • Hardware installation
  • Choice of maintenance periods and intervals
  • Customer support
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Regular updates of antivirus
  • Software installation
  • Use of advanced tools to check the health of the infrastructure.

Our dedicated team can not only assist you with IT infrastructure management but also helps to maintain your telephone systems. By harmonizing the two, we will streamline all your communications and network needs as well. Our IT AMC services in Dubai are commended by a range of employees from every industry. We offer customized solutions, timely maintenance, and complete support to all of our clients. You can discuss your specific needs with our team by contacting them at +971 4 266 8272.

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