The Story of Golden Avenue’s Outstanding Work at Flexo Fix

A good name goes a long way, and good work even longer.

The above line has certainly stood true when it comes to the case of Flexo Fix with whom we, Golden Avenue, signed up an AMC for connecting and maintaining different machines and printers for their clinic. The work done by Golden Avenue throughout all these years served as the reference for GAT to bag this project.

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Golden Avenue, which provides one of the best structured cabling services in Dubai, met with Flexo Fix almost one year ago and started by doing cabling work for their clinic. This was followed by the installation of cameras, biometric systems, and even Wi-Fi. Impressed by their work, Flexo Fix decided to enter into an AMC with Golden Avenue for the updation and maintenance of all their designs.

The 1500sq.ft brand new clinic was located in the business bay area. Three people from our team worked tirelessly to complete and deliver the project in just 4 days!

Talk about efficiency!

Golden Avenue, with its innovative portfolio of sophisticated products and vast experience in providing structured cabling services in Dubai, GAT has become a reliable partner for numerous high-profile projects. We are one of the leading IT companies in Dubai providing hardware and software solutions. Our cabling solutions are custom designed to suit your requirements, both present as well as future.

Our ability to provide a flexible, scalable, and future-proof network foundation ensures that our interconnected world continues to thrive and evolve. And as technology advances, the story of structured cabling will continue to unfold, adapting to new challenges and enabling the digital connectivity we rely on.

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