About TechCart

TechCart is an IT-enabled van sales network of Golden Avenue Technology that offers the best Gaming and Tech accessories in the UAE. With years of experience in electronics distribution, TechCart assures the highest quality of IT products, ranging from computer and mobile accessories, networking devices and accessories to gaming accessories delivered to a wide customer base in the UAE. 

TechCart is known to be one of the most exciting brand distributing hubs for gaming accessories and IT solutions. The van sales network of TechCart covers the entire U.A.E, starting from Dubai, Western Region and ending at the Northern Emirates focusing on independent retail customers, be it big or small.

Our specialization in B2B transactions with the TechCart van sales network, ensures the provision of the right products at the right time, establishing them to be the most effective brand distribution channel for retailers. Our products are known to incorporate the latest and the most advanced technologies, while meeting the highest standards in terms of quality, service, and value. 

With TechCart, you can get top products with excellent performance, durability, and seamless integration in the swiftest way possible. We stand for excellence.

TechCart distributes several top-performing brands in the gaming and tech accessories space, including Dragonwar, UGreen, HP, Razer, Mercusys to name a few. With the ever changing landscape of IT, the requirements only increase and we constantly keep adding new brands and products to our portfolio.

Each unit is crafted with utmost care and efficiency since our customers deserve the best. Testing and transportation of IT products with a 100% success rate and durability remain key factors throughout the process. TechCart assures speedy and swift distribution of the product range that includes Wi-Fi routers, adapters, repeaters, access points and SOHO switches.

With this van sales network, TechCart services the local distribution of independent retail outlets throughout the country ensuring smooth retail distribution and execution. Our partners are ensured with guaranteed customer support and assistance through our personalized services, attention to detail, and quality assurance.

The team of TechCart is technology-driven, innovative and the best in terms of providing quality. Being the authorized partner of top brands, TechCart assures original and authentic product stocks are available at all times to ensure the quickest and smoothest deliveries right at the doorstep of our retail customers. This plays an integral role in value-added partnerships with bigger and smaller retailers as well as wholesalers in the UAE. 

TechCart is a prime source point for all the best global brands, redefining quality with value-added global distribution.

Our Brands