Story of Our Excellence at Warsen Labour Accomodation

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Labour accommodations have a huge demand in the Warsan area. The increasing number of labourers coming to the city means that the demand for quality accommodation has shot up significantly. As Top, it services Dubai provider a similar project in the area came our way, and we knew we had to give our best to rise above the rest.

Want to know an interesting fact about this accommodation that we worked on?

It was executed in just 4 days. Yes, you read it right. Four days!

Now isn’t that something extraordinary! Especially considering that this is a five-storey building!

The project started with a site visit by our engineers. Using our decades of experience, we planned, designed, and installed fibre optic cabling, structure cabling, and even installed a full-fledged CCTV system. We planned the whole layout of how the cables will go around the building, occupying minimum space but providing the best possible network and designed a system that would suit the occupants’ needs.

IT Services Dubai

Our efficient cable management system is designed to deliver the most advanced network performance, with a variety of density and connector options for maximum compatibility. Using the OTDR (the only fibre testing tool capable of troubleshooting fibre optic cable failures) we tested the entire system for any kinds of faults including breaks, bends, and even bad connectors. Not only did this help remove the few minor niggles that may have crept up in between but it also ensured that the concerned authorities would face no issues while handling the system. What’s more, we will even do authority testing before handing over the entire system, just to be doubly sure!

Having a clear operative schedule well in advance gives us an edge when it comes to planning maintenance activities for the future. Proper labelling helps make it easier for the day-to-day operators to work with our cable network. It’s actually so easy that someone who doesn’t have even the slightest idea about the system can work with it.

IT Services Dubai

We have also provided a sustainable system to manage the entire cable network in racks. This system includes colour coding the cables to make it easier to differentiate, labelling both ends of the cable to know exactly what they are being used for, routing cables through the sides of the racks, using cable combs, etc. This helps save money and time and makes the rack look professional. After all, we can’t leave the aesthetics alone, can we?

Golden Avenue, with its innovative portfolio of sophisticated fibre optics products, helps the accommodation become future-ready with premium cable connections. Every cable installed in the accommodation was tested and inspected using a three-step approach that includes visual inspection, loss testing, and network testing. All this was done using the various special tools and equipment available at our disposal. The system thus created not only helps deliver high-speed internet but is also scalable and much easier to maintain.

IT Services Dubai

If you are also looking for a scalable, simple yet sophisticated and reliable cabling solution provider in Dubai, then Golden Avenue Technology is the one to go with. We are one of the leading IT companies in Dubai providing both hardware as well as software solutions. Our cabling solutions are custom designed to suit your requirements, both present as well as future.

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