Reasons why you should choose an IT AMC service in Dubai

Your business might not need IT AMC support services regularly, but it helps improve the overall productivity, increase the lifespan of machinery and systems while cutting back on the company’s expenses to better meet the corporate goals. The framework poses multiple advantages in far sight upheld by an in-depth understanding of the deployed IT model.  

However, maintenance and handling the IT infrastructure stand critical to the functioning of every organization. But the compelling efforts are time-consuming and exhaustive which is why bountiful brands have the provision of hiring IT AMC services in Dubai. Availing their solutions ensure timely and proper management of the IT systems in place.

IT AMC services in Dubai

What does Business Process Improvement (BPI) mean?

It’s a process that identifies the missing components in any organization or the most demanding employee skills needed to achieve maximum competence in the business workflow and scalable growth over time.

How to know if your IT framework needs BPI?

Before carrying out a comprehensive evaluation of the current functions or focusing on the improvement of employee skills to scale-up performance, the foundational IT framework needs to be analyzed. If the existing model seems a bit traditional or underachieving, a set of questions can help find the root cause:

  1. Deployed manpower responsible to tackle IT infrastructure

Ideally, 20-30% of the team must be assigned to take care of IT requirements.

  1. If more team members are dedicated to the same purpose, why is the situation demanding more attention?

If more than 50% of the team members are working towards the same goal, then the issue needs stringent attention at the present hour. It’s important to find out if the system needs support or hints at any urgency for a complete revamp.

  1. Is your approach reactive?

Are you delaying to dig out the real issue? Then, are you trying to make up the existing process anyhow?

  1. How frequent are employees reporting IT problems?

Maintain a track of how many times each employee is complaining about IT snags and the time taken to restore the system for every hitch. It will give an overview of the number of the working hours lost in total. The handy services aim to augment the efficiency of the computer connections as well as hardware parts besides suggesting precautionary measures to steer clear of the recurrent snags.

Partnering with the right IT AMC support provider can help you acquire the maximum benefits backed by a comprehensive range of solutions. Golden Avenue’s annual maintenance contract comes with one-year validity which can be further extended to 3 or 5 years depending on a business’ requirements.

The leading label located in Dubai runs with a team of professionals known for installing and maintaining systems for years. On the other hand, it offers upgraded and singular customized solutions for clients with a focus on individual IT parts. Such offerings intend to achieve consistency across various touch points and the framework streamlining and reforming tech as per the needs.

Types of solutions

  • SAN storage

  • Antivirus and malware

  • Desktop assistance for both Windows and IOS devices

  • Servers and attached storage

  • Telephone system (PBX and PABX)

  • Check on system maintenance 

  • Data retrieval

  • Email security and governance

  • Server backup

  • Disk clean

  • Maintenance of Telephone appliances

IT AMC services in Dubai

How does Golden Avenue work?

Customers can avail of maintenance sessions on a weekly, quarterly, or monthly basis and the team reverts promptly to every query. Meanwhile, the company provides a comprehensive report of each visit to its clients for better transparency. Also, it offers adept customer support in case of any problem. 

Scouting for an agile and expert IT AMC support provider in Dubai?  Golden Avenue got you covered in its policy including: 

  • Installation of hardware

  • Hardware installation

  • Choice of maintenance timelines and frequencies

  • Customer support

  • Operating system upgrades

  • Regular updates of antivirus

  • Software installation

  • Use of advanced tools to check the health of the current infrastructure.

Golden Avenue strives to maintain the networking and communication needs of businesses being a pro’s ultimate resort.

With a demonstrated history of 10 years in the IT distribution business, the company’s client base is spread across 7 emirates backed by a legacy of up skilling and upgraded knowledge.