PABX Solutions

The PABX system is integral to maintaining the technological infrastructure within an organization. This system acts as a channel used to source information of varying forms. This system allows the organization to communicate with each other using a secure line. The contact points are set within the network for easy and seamless communication. The PABX solutions also allow the organization to set up contact points outside of the organization and communicate with outside people seamlessly. Since the evolution of technology, PBX and PABX solutions have become a critical part of the network. This system allows a unified flow of communication for the firm and ensures every department can stay connected with others. 

The many benefits of PABX solutions have made it important for firms to choose a reliable partner for the installation of such systems. Golden Avenue is one of the leading PABX solution providers in the UAE. We not only help you design a seamless network but also assist you in making it a reality. With our solution, you can integrate efficiency in your workplace and ensure smooth communication for all your varying departments. We offer the latest technology and experienced workmanship to design a network that will facilitate growth. Our systems are designed to increase the efficiency of the workplace and boost productivity, ultimately helping you maximize your revenue. 

What are our PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) systems, and how do they work?

Our PABX solutions are systems that automate telephone switching within a private network. This phone network can manage different lines and will keep working even when the internet is down. This system will ensure your employees can communicate with each other without any additional costs. Thus, it is an affordable method to streamline communication within an organization. All the users use a small pool of lines instead of using different phone lines. That ensures your network stays private and works seamlessly for the people within the shared network.  Our PABX system comes with a range of features that includes call transfer, speed dialing, conference calling, automatic ring back, call waiting, call forwarding, etc. We offer upgradable PABX solutions with the latest features to ensure your telephone needs are met. Our system is a reliable solution that requires no maintenance or checks. This system will eliminate stress from your workspace and streamline your communications in no time. At Golden Avenue, you not only get a PABX system from top brands but the optimum installation as well.  Our qualified technicians and engineers are capable of understanding your specific needs and designing a PABX network suited for such requirements. Our engineers will understand the roadblocks of communication within your office and offer a system that will assist you in overcoming such problems. This network will resolve your company’s communication problem and assist you in boosting efficiency. Better communication will also impact the productivity of the firm and help you maximize your revenue. We offer PABX solutions from top brands that include , Akuvox, Avaya, Cisco, Fanvil, Grandstream, Matrix, Mitel, Panasonic, Unifi Networks & Yeastar . Thus, you can choose from a variety of options depending on your needs. 

Why choose Golden Avenues PABX solutions?

Our solutions are easy to scale and optimize

With our PABX system, you will not face any technical difficulties, meaning there will be no downtimes. That means there will be no need for regular maintenance, and your employees will have access to streamline communication throughout your working hours. 

Web conferencing meaning enhanced collaboration

With our system, you can hold web conferences and invite a range of attendees to conduct a remote meeting. Our system also offers a range of features such as screen sharing, better video collaboration, and several whiteboard features.

Boost productivity with unified communication

Our PABX solutions can integrate all your business communications allowing you to create a single channel for your employees. This integration is ideal for communication issues and boosts productivity around the office. 

Integration with several other applications

Our system can seamlessly integrate with our CRM tools, mails, databases, etc. Thus, your team can not only communicate but share files in real-time as well.  A PABX system will be an invaluable addition to your organization. This system allows you to increase efficiency and scale your business with the help of technology. At Golden Avenue, we can build the best network for your organization and assist you in taking full advantage of the system. Our experts will not only design and install the system but will ensure your team can use it optimally. Discuss your specific needs with our experts by getting in touch with us at