6 Steps for Your Small Business Server Room Setup

Bringing IT in-house and setting up dedicated on-premises servers can be intimidating and daunting for a small business, especially given the recent focus on online services. Moreover, resources that are designed to help, tend to assume a medium-sized or enterprise installation, which may not necessarily work well for setting up a small server room or even a closet for a branch office.

Today, there is a vital need for server room setups that are compliant with the safety norms of the organization. To ensure this, opt for infrastructure that is safe, spacious, and computer-friendly for the entire IT team. In today’s GAT blog, we uncover 6 steps to set up your server room

Server room setup in Dubai


  1. Determine the appropriate room size

    The first step is to lay the requirements of the physical space of the server room setup. It should be planned in a manner such that there shall be enough space for the servers, wires, cables, and other necessary equipment to be kept comfortable. The IT department shall ensure that the data should be kept away from an exterior wall of the room.

  2. Set up your hardware for storage

    The next step is to plan your space and optimize for space maximization. The cabinets and shelves should be designed to store the physical machinery and IT-related inventory like electrical switches and sockets in the server room. Having a well-planned machinery space helps in easy, quick, and timely maintenance.

  3. Keep the room cool

    Once the server room setup is completed, ensure that it stays cool and dry to avoid the equipment from overheating. One viable and go-to option is to install a raised floor to distribute cooling in the entire space. Otherwise, the people can use in-row cooling units, which do not require a raised floor. Ensure that there is a thermometer and a dehumidifier in the room to ensure the temperature is moderate and there is no humidity.

  4. Make space for cables

    Keeping the cables safe is very necessary. Ensure that the server room has ample space to run electrical cables without having them tangled. It is better to have one electrician for installing all the power whips from a central electrical panel to ensure optimum power distribution and avoid cutting down on the electrical services being routed to each joint.

  5. Develop security procedures

    One of the major tasks at hand is to develop a security process. The server room has all the data essential to the company. Therefore, the server room should be restricted to only a few people. Access control systems shall be plugged in to ensure that only the people who need to go there for work have access. A secure server room protects all the data crucial to the company.

  6. Allow for monitoring

    However secure the server room may be, a monitoring process must be set that takes care of the activities happening in the room or the data stored in the room. Any deviation from the regular activity coming over the network connectivity is to be scanned for abnormalities.

Server room setup

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