4 Methods for Measuring and Improving Call Center Productivity

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As call centres continue to evolve and improve, it’s becoming increasingly important to identify ways to measure and implement productivity-enhancing methods. Knowing how to improve call centre productivity can be challenging when the task is so vast. Here are four methods for measuring and improving call centre productivity:

What Is Call Centre Productivity?

Productivity is a crucial metric for call centres. It measures how much value you’re creating for your customers and can be calculated in various ways.

Call centre productivity is the amount of service you provide per hour. It’s also known as call volume or volume per minute (VPM).

Why Is Call Centre Productivity Important?

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Productivity is one of the most critical metrics in call centres. It helps determine how much money you make, what size of team you need, and if your organization is growing or shrinking. Here are a few reasons why:

If you have high productivity but low sales, your company not be able to afford to hire enough agents to meet customer demand. Or it could mean that customers are having difficulty finding available agents when they need to contact them for support or sales purposes. Either way, there’s no guarantee that your company will grow if this trend continues.

Here are four means to measure & improved call centre productivity:

1. First Call/Contact Resolution Rate (FCR)

The first call/contact resolution rate (FCR) is the number of resolved calls, either by answering or transferring to a customer service representative. This is an important metric because it shows how well a call centre performs and how quickly customers resolve their problems.

To calculate FCR, you need to divide your total number of calls by your total number of contacts.

For example: If you have 100 calls per day, which results in 20 contacts per day, your FCR would be 120/20 = 10%.

2. Average Handling Time (AHT)

The average handling time is not a perfect measurement of customer service, but it does give you an idea of how long it takes customers to get through to a representative.

Average handling times can be adjusted for different call types and volumes, so you can use them as indicators of how you’re doing in service. You’ll also want to look at how your competitors perform in this area by comparing their AHT ranges against the industry average.

3. Missed-Call Rate

The missed-call rate is the percentage of calls that the call centre representative has answered. A low miss-call rate indicates that the call centre representatives can answer calls quickly, improving productivity.

When assessing your call centre’s performance or trusting a company for call centre solutions, consider taking into account factors such as the following:

  • The number of calls was answered within one minute.
  • The number of calls was responded to within five minutes.
  • The percentage of calls that are responded to within 10 seconds or less.

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4. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT Score)

The CSAT score is a new measure of customer satisfaction that the NPS Institute developed. The NPS is an industry-standard way of measuring customer loyalty. The CSAT score uses the NPS to measure how your customers feel about your company and how you are doing compared to other companies in your industry.

The scoring system takes into account the questions from all three of the significant NPS factors:

1) Proactive: How likely will customers recommend your product or service over alternatives?

2) Reactive: How easy is it for customers to get in touch with you if they have problems with their products or services?

3) Involvement: How much does your organization know about regular customers, and how do they feel about being involved with your company?

To Sum Up

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