Networking Companies in Dubai

Networking Companies in Dubai

What is an IT & Network Health Check?

Networking Companies in Dubai a comprehensive IT specific assessment of your infrastructure and security. It provides you with an accurate IT audit that will highlight your current and potential risk areas.

Why is an IT & Network Health Check important?

The IT Health Check / Audit for organizations from any domain is a MUST to ensure optimal performance in the day to day operations and decision-making process. It helps the organization to understand and utilize technology more efficiently. This audit helps to get more out of your existing technology investments and recommend further updates and upgrades based on the current set up.

networking companies in dubai

Golden Avenue Technology LLC IT Networking Company includes various components and addresses the critical and vulnerable points of different IT aspects as detailed below.

  • Assess if the entire IT infrastructure both hardware and software fulfill the standard necessary requirements of your business and if it is cost effective
  • Analyzing and testing the security policies and data protection adopted by your business
  • Guides you in the right direction to build a robust and secured IT foundation for your business
  • Whether you want to UPGRADE your current Infrastructure or embark on a new venture, we deliver the state-of-the-art solutions that will give your establishment a sustained business advantage
  • Using the right network tools to check the vulnerabilities on the Network

Cyber Security Awareness Workshop at your Premise

Cyber Security Workshop

- Protect your business
- Make employees your active defense against cyber threats

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The Networking Company consists of the following

Power Check

  • Unexpected power failure of UPS
  • Optimal utilization of UPS capacity
  • Battery backup for the practical load used
  • Temperature control measures taken up for the UPS and Battery placement

Network Check

  • Drop in network speed
  • Wireless signal strength issues
  • Cable routing and analyze type of cables being utilized
  • Active and passive network components

Internet/Intranet Connectivity Check

  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Content filtering to avoid certain categories of websites
  • Firewall setup (policies for allowing/disallowing the users access to websites)
  • Email services (unauthorized sending of emails, blocking of attachments, controlling size or type of attachments)

Server, Storage & Backup Check

  • Performance of server, storage and backup equipment for optimum operations
  • Virtual and physical Recovery from crashes
  • Automated backup
  • Potential concerns of server, storage and backup

Desktop, Laptop & Thin Clients Check

  • Retrieval from crashes and reducing the downtime
  • End-to-end audit of machines to ensure longevity of the business asset
  • Standard hardware configuration across the organization
  • Ensure all patches and security software are up to date

Software License Compliance Check

  • Unauthorized usage of software by staff
  • Legal compliance issue due to pirated applications
  • Find actual gaps in the license
  • Identify open source alternatives to reduce investments

The most common threats to your business solved by Networking Companies

  • Malicious programs like viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, malware, adware and botnets
  • Zero-day and zero-hour attacks
  • Hacker attacks
  • Denial of Service
  • Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
  • Data theft

These threats look to exploit

  • Unsecured wireless networks
  • Unpatched software and hardware
  • Unsecured websites
  • Potentially unwanted applications
  • Weak passwords
  • Lost devices or users with malicious intent