Fortimail from Fortinet: One of the best email security solutions for SMBs

Posted by: Golden Avenue Technology LLC | Date: 05 July 2019


As communications via email has become a key and essential component of a business in this digital age, small and medium businesses are facing many security challenges along with increased global opportunities. As new technology gets adopted (IoT, cloud services, mobility), dealing with challenges associated with business agility becomes mandatory. An effective solution is to use a secure email gateway available in the market to protect from email related threats and attacks.

A Secure email gateway software comprises of

  • secure email gateway
  • anti-spam
  • email archiving
  • email encryption
  • protect from loss of data or sensitive information during messaging
  • protect inboxes from spam and malware.

What is Fortimail?

Fortinet FortiMail is a proven and powerful email security gateway product for any sized organization, from SMBs to carriers, service providers, and large enterprises. It monitors email messages on behalf of a business to identify messages that contain malicious content, including spam, malware and phishing attempts. It is offered as a software product as well as a cloud based Saas (Software as a Service).

Main features of Fortimail

  • Stops attacks before they enter the network
  • Secures email from threats and data loss
  • Stops advanced attacks across multiple vectors
  • Stops spam before it corrupts mail system and network resources, thus reducing capital expenses on email functionality
  • Protects network from infected material transported via web
  • Turn-key deployment, integrated management, logging and reporting, and fully automated security updates reduce IT management burden and operational expenses, with no per-user licensing fees
  • optional Layered protection (FortiGate + FortiMail) improves email security, separates low-latency perimeter and high-latency email functions for more efficient operation
  • their Inbound filtering engine blocks spam and malware before it can block your network and affect end users. Its outbound inspection technology stops outbound spam or malware (including mobile traffic) from initiating other antispam gateways to blacklist your users.

FortiMail Cloud is delivered as a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution and is easy to enable. It requires minimal ongoing management most of which can be easily extended to end users. It provides a comprehensive email security to protect employees and data from any cyberattacks from within or from outside. FortiMail Cloud is reputed for being the industry’s leader in most independently validated security efficiency.

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