When & why you need Server Maintenance?

Posted by: Golden Avenue Technology LLC | Date: 25 February 2019


Servers are critical pieces of IT infrastructure for a business which should work without challenges for long periods of time.

What are the red flags to know your server needs maintenance?

1. When your CPU is running hot

Increase in temperature, decreases the reliability of the server. Sometimes the high temperature may be due to an issue with power supply, memory, fans not running properly, etc.,. Other possible causes may be a clogged front intake, blockage of airflow, recent shifting or moving of the machine. It’s always best to leave it to the experts.

2. Frequent reboots or chance failures

A crash for no clear reason on a server with no intensive process running on it, is a cause for concern. Don’t just reboot and wait, call the experts to avoid further damage.

3. Computer sagging and services failing

A sudden slowness in server is often the result of Data corruption which might be causing applications to randomly fail. Over time, tiny problems will start to add up, and if regular maintenance is not done to consistently keep your server in working order, you may need a replacement.

Why do you need Server Maintenance?

Servers have the critical job of managing, storing and handling company data 24x7. It is extremely imperative that you schedule routine checks to help maintain their health and functionality. Doing so, not only keeps them running smoothly, but it can also prolong their life. Increasing server life span is money saved in prevented damages and complete replacement.

1. Better and improved security

Any server in the world can be a target of an attack. Servers left unpatched without proper security measures can be a much easier target than servers with the proper fixes applied. It is necessary to eliminate as many risks as possible and a regular, frequent maintenance decreases the chance of such attacks. Patches need to be applied on different levels such as operating system, additional servers and other service modules, drivers, virtualization tools. It is preferred that High security patches be applied within 24 hours.

2. Avoid down time and loss of data

To avoid down time and loss of data, as well as ensuring that your business’s computer network is running as intended, a regular Server maintenance is crucial. It not only increases server productivity but also boosts business productivity. Server Maintenance must be carried out regularly to ensure IT security and long term viability. With an AMC, If server failure is imminent, our team at Golden Avenue Technology LLC will arrange for spares to be delivered and fitted as soon as possible so that your business can return to full working capacity as fast as possible.

It is always best to approach problems pro-active, before it affects your business productivity.

3. Review Backups and Recovery strategies

A planned server maintenance can be a good opportunity for checking backups, revisiting server resources, especially if the servers are virtualized. Every maintenance action will review the alerts and monitoring system and recovery strategies and necessary application level tests will be executed.Effective Business Continuity Plans are vital to any business in case of a disaster.

It is always a good idea to have a professional relationship with a reliable Annual Maintenance Contract Provider like Golden Avenue Technology LLC, whose pool of experts can help you discover what’s wrong with your servers quickly, and help you figure out if a system replacement is in order.

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