Data Protection: Why it matters?

Posted by: Golden Avenue Technology LLC | Date: 12 February 2019


What is Data Protection?

All companies regardless of size or location have data, such as personnel files, customer data, product information, financial transactions, etc. Data protection is nothing but the process of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise, damage, loss or theft.

Effective data security involves understanding what data you hold and how you store and use it. Companies and businesses need to put in place good data security procedures, including a backup routine (Golden Avenue Technology LLC Business Continuity Strategies).

Why is Data Protection vital to a Business?

Data protection procedures is fundamental to help prevent cybercrimes by ensuring details are protected to prevent fraud. For instance, a breach in a company’s data protection can be very costly to the company as well as the clients, if your client’s or customer’s bank accounts were hacked into. Case in point: 2018 Marriott International’s breach of its Starwood guest reservation database exposed the personal information of up to 500 million people.

What could go wrong if Data is not protected?

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1. Risks involved in online presence and threats posed by Hackers and Malware

  • Hackers try to break into computers over the internet. This is a serious risk, particularly for companies that hold highly sensitive and confidential data
  • Some computer viruses erase files. These usually infect company systems through the internet, via a downloaded file or email
  • Other malware (malicious software) like Trojans and spyware may read your data and transmit it across the internet, or wipe it completely
  • Ransomware is now a common threat, where hackers steal vital data and issue a ransom for its safe return

2. Human Error

It is easy to change or erase data accidentally. For instance, a staff member could delete a crucial list of customers by mistake.

3. Physical threats

  • Failed hardware, like a damaged hard disk, can result in the loss of important files and data
  • Theft of company computers or mobile devices can result in data falling into the wrong hands, or being lost forever
  • A natural calamity could destroy the server holding key business information. For example, a fire or flood in your business premises

4. Malicious action by a disgruntled employee or an individual

Anyone with access to your data could copy or delete it. For instance, a disgruntled employee could sell your customer database to a competitor. Controlling access to users is a key to reducing this risk.

How do you protect Data?

  • Prevent users from unauthorized access to the network
  • Ensure malicious elements don’t exist within the network
  • Deny programs from certain resources that could be infected
  • Secure confidential information
  • Ensure the company follows good online security practices
  • Compliance with Government regulations
  • Ensure use of security software and maintain all software updates and upgrades
  • Look for software with undo/rollback functions to minimize the risks posed by human error
  • Have a good BACK UP and RESTORE strategy in case of a disaster
  • Use security Experts to comb through the system thoroughly and install security measures

Maintenance Experts and Annual Maintenance Contract Providers like Golden Avenue Technology LLC can help you by conducting a comprehensive IT & Network Health Check on all your IT infrastructure Assets. They will submit to you a concise picture of the vulnerabilities and threats posed to your business and provide a list of solutions based on those findings. You can REST ASSURED that you are in safe hands.

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